How it works


  • Complete a simple profile with information about your start and end points, schedule and personal preferences.
  • Click the link in the confirmation email sent to your uOttawa address.
  • Find matches who are already registered in the system.
  • Receive emails when a new potential match registers.
  • Review your matches and choose people you might like to ride with.
  • Communicate with your matches to establish a carpool group.


Simply fill out the registration form and complete your profile – any field with a beside it is private and will not be displayed to other users.

Your ride-matching profile allows you to be matched with other potential carpoolers based on your origin and destination, including locations that may be on the way to your destination.

You can also specify personal preferences such as whether or not you are a smoker, and whether you wish to be a driver, a passenger or both. You can even include comments for potential matches to read such as “I like to stop for coffee and a bagel most mornings.”

Once you’ve created you profile, you can set your schedule. Enter the time when you start work as well as the end of your day – you can even choose to add some flexibility to the start and end times. There is an option to set the same schedule from Monday to Friday, or you can set different times for each day of the week.

You’ll then be able to set the address of your start point by filling out an address form. Your home address will not be visible to potential matches – only the nearest intersection will be displayed. You can also choose your destination – either Main Campus, 200 Lees or Roger Guindon Hall/Alta Vista.

Your personal profile page will show a map with your suggested route to work. It will also allow you to change any of your personal options, including modifying your route and your work schedule.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the confirmation email that will be sent to your uOttawa email address. Once your email is confirmed, click the big orange “Find Matches” button on the right-hand side of your profile page. The system will display all the matches that are already signed up, as well as pertinent details such as whether they are a driver or a passenger (or both), smoker/non-smoker, work schedule, etc. as well as their start and end locations plotted on a map. If you have lots of matches, you can refine your selection based on a variety of filters.

Once you find a likely match, just click the orange “Email” button in the match’s row and send them a message through the website – you will not be able to see this person’s email address, but they will see yours. The email that is sent will include a map with the proposed route, as well as your work schedule and preferences.

When you’ve established communication, it’s up to you to work out the details with your carpool partners. If you have three or more members of your group, don’t forget to register as a uOttawa Carpool Group in order to benefit from Preferential Parking and the Emergency Ride Home.